How Do You Do A Whoosh?

What is a whoosh in English?


Move quickly or suddenly with a rushing sound.

no object, with adverbial of direction ‘a train whooshed by’ More example sentences..

How do you play whoosh?

Directions: Have everyone form a standing circle. Tell students you have a ball of energy that you will send around the circle. This ball of energy moves around the circle with the sound, “Whoosh!” Encourage students to engage their whole body as they say “Whoosh!” and send it to the person next to them.

What type of word is whoosh?

noun. a loud, rushing noise, as of air or water: a great whoosh as the door opened.

How do you play Zip Zap Zop?

Zip Zap ZopThe first player claps their hands, says “Zip”, and points at another player in the circle.The player that was pointed to must immediately clap and point at someone else in the circle (including the previous player), saying “Zap”.The third player continues the pattern, this time using the word “Zop”.More items…•

Is whoosh an onomatopoeia?

Taken literally, onomatopoeia means “the name (or sound) I make”. The word is simply the way the noise sounds. So, for example, whoosh has no meaning other than to imitate the sound of an object flying quickly through the air. Sometimes an onomatopoeic word will come to mean more than the sound itself.

How do you do the whoosh bottle experiment?

Pour a small amount of alcohol into the water cooler bottle. Swill the liquid around so that it evaporates and fills the bottle with vapour. Pour the excess liquid out of the bottle. With the bottle on the floor (and upright) ignite the vapour from a safe distance.

What is another word for whoosh?

Synonyms of whooshbumble,burr,buzz,drone,hum,whir,whish,whiz.More items…

What is the whoosh app?

Whoosh is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile parking application, using GPS locations to automatically identify where you are parked. There is no need to enter a meter or zone code unless you have the location services turned off on your phone.

What makes a swish sound?

A swish is the sound that’s made when a person or thing swishes — the swish of a dish brush on a dirty pan in the sink, or the swish of water against a dock. A kite swishes through the air and so does a fencing epee or a fly swatter. … Swish is an example of onomatopoeia — when a word that sounds like its meaning.