Question: Does Petron Accept GrabPay?

Can I transfer money from GrabPay to bank account?

To transfer your GrabPay balance to a local bank account: Tap on the Transfer tile on your GrabPay wallet.

Select Send to Bank Account.

Enter the amount you would like to transfer..

Where can I use GrabPay online?

GrabPay is now accepted at thousands of online stores! Use the directory below to find a store:Online StoreWebsiteBanana FighterShop HereBata MalaysiaShop HereBeYours.coShop HereBirkenstockShop Here201 more rows

Can you withdraw money from GrabPay?

You are unable to withdraw your money in your GrabPay wallet to a bank account in Singapore. This feature is only available in the Philippines or Vietnam. The only way that you can utilise your GrabPay wallet funds is by making a transaction using GrabPay or invest your funds using AutoInvest.

Is GrabPay safe?

GrabPay provides award-winning wallet security. All your personal information and payment transactions are encrypted and protected with a 24/7 fraud detection engine. Keep your GrabPay wallet secure by taking the following steps: Keep the login ID and password to your Grab app secret.

Can I use GrabPay at 99 Speedmart?

99 speedmart accepts GrabPay too.

Can I use GrabPay at NTUC?

You can use GrabPay for P2P payment (but don’t do it.) … Also, unless your buddy is a hardcore Grab user, it might ruin your friendship to pay them by GrabPay. That’s like paying someone back in NTUC vouchers, because there is no way to turn GrabPay credits back into real money.

How do you pay with GrabPay?

How to pay for rides with GrabPay balance?Tap on “Payment Method” to select your payment choice.Select “Grabpay balance” icon.Click on “Book” after confirming your booking. COMPANY. About. SERVICES. MyTeksi. CORPORATE. Grab for Business. RIDE. Drive. Follow us and keep updated! facebook Created with Sketch.

Can I use GrabPay at Shell?

Shell customers who spend at least RM40 on any Shell fuel or lubricants can buy selected products from its range of partners for only RM1. … The condition is that customers must pay by GrabPay, a cashless payment service by Grab, which requires users to register their credit or debit cards with the company.

What stores accept GrabPay?

The list includes a variety of merchants such as hypermarkets (Giant, Tesco and Mydin), health and beauty retailers (Watsons and Guardian), cinema outlet (MBO Cinemas), fast food chains (Dominos), convenience stores (99 Speedmart) and other retailers such as Zalora and Petron (by 15th November 2019).

Does myNEWS accept GrabPay?

Save more when you shop at myNEWS stores nationwide with GrabPay, get 30% OFF (capped at RM8) for any in-store purchase. … – Offer is available at all stores nationwide.

Can I pay grab with Touch n Go?

You can do so from the three official e-wallet partners: Boost, Grab, and Touch ‘n Go eWallet. … This includes in-app services such as bill payments, and wallet-specific features, such as Grab services (Grab rides, Food, Mart, etc) and Touch ‘n Go RFID toll payments.

Does guardian accept GrabPay?

GrabPay, the eWallet that sits within the Grab app, is now accepted in more than 3,000 new touchpoints nationwide. … Grab has added almost 3,600 new GrabPay touchpoints and it includes hypermarkets such as Giant, Tesco and Mydin, as well as health and beauty retailers such as Watsons and Guardian.

Can I use GrabPay at Starbucks?

Grab users can now use GrabPay to pay for Starbucks orders nationwide. … The integration allows Grab users to easily pay using their GrabPay QR code. All GrabPay transactions earn 2x GrabRewards points that can be used for redemption globally. “Starbucks has been a Filipino favorite for many years.

Does McDonald accept GrabPay?

Enjoy RM5 off on your McDonald’s favourites when you use GrabPay at any McDonald’s restaurants. Just spend RM25 and above, and pay via GrabPay.

Can I transfer GrabPay to GCash?

But GrabPay is not only used to pay for services within the Grab app. It can also serve as a mobile wallet that can transfer money to and from banks and other e-wallets. This means that you can transfer money from GrabPay to GCash or vice versa.

Why can’t I use my GrabPay?

There are several factors that may prevent you from using GrabPay as the payment method. These are as follows: You have insufficient funds or GrabPay Balance (How to cash in my GrabPay Balance) Wrong card details were entered (Re-enter your card details)

Where can I use GrabPay Malaysia?

GrabPay users can pay using their eWallet at a variety of chained outlets such as MyNews, Tesco, Guardian, Watsons, KFC, McDonald’s, Mr DIY, Senheng and more.