Question: Is Gojek Listed?

Is Gojek a startup?

Gojek was co-founded by Nadiem Makarim and Michaelangelo Moran.

Being an Indonesian-run startup played to Gojek’s advantage in navigating the local regulatory environment, as well as understanding the local market..

Who started Gojek?

Kevin AluwiNadiem MakarimMichaelangelo MoranGojek/Founders

When did Gojek enter Singapore?

On Jan 2, it had made its services available to all DBS/POSB customers islandwide, while its first Singapore launch on Nov 29 covered “half of Singapore”, including the Central Business District, Jurong East, Changi, Punggol, Ang Mo Kio and Sentosa.

What is GoRide?

Ford Motor Company is expanding its GoRide Health non-emergency medical transportation service nationally, beginning in Ohio, to help people get to and from medical appointments with safe and reliable transportation.

Is Gojek profitable?

Now, Gojek has about 38 million monthly active users across Southeast Asia. Now a ride-hailing giant and Indonesia’s most valuable startup, Gojek is on a path to profitability as all its services are generating positive margins on a product basis.

Is Gojek Indian?

Besides Indonesia, the firm operates in Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. It does not have any immediate plans to enter India.

Who invested in grab?

SoftBank Vision FundGrab secures US$1.46 billion investment from the SoftBank Vision Fund. SINGAPORE, March 6, 2019 – Grab Holdings Inc. (“Grab”), Southeast Asia’s leading super app, today announced it has secured US$1.46 billion of fresh funding from the Softbank Vision Fund (“SVF”).

Is go Jek available in Malaysia?

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will allow ride-hailing firms such as Indonesia’s Gojek to start operations on a limited scale from January 2020, Malaysia’s transport minister said on Tuesday.

Who invested in Gojek?

Gojek already has a number of prominent backers including Google, Temasek and Chinese tech giant Tencent. The Indonesian start-up has a valuation of $10 billion, according to CB Insights. It raised $1.2 billion of fresh funds in March, reports said.

When was Gojek founded?

October 13, 2009Gojek/Founded

Is Gojek publicly traded?

Multibillion dollar ride-hailing giant Gojek may cross list on the word’s major stock exchanges if the company finally conducts an initial public offering (IPO) within the next few years. … At present, Gojek operates in 207 cities across Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Is Gojek still in Singapore?

Grab, which is present in eight countries, was last valued at more than US$14 billion, while Gojek, valued at US$10 billion, has presence in Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

What is GoPay Gojek?

Its exceptional e-wallet service, GoPay, allows Gojek customers to use its on-demand services seamlessly – including making faster purchases, tracking their spending easily and transferring money in no time.

Is Gojek in Thailand?

Gojek has been operating in Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, the latter two of which earlier had local brands. … The Gojek app in Thailand provides three services: food delivery, motorbike ride-hailing and courier. There are 50,000 drivers and 30,000 food merchant partners in the Bangkok area.

Is Gojek a Fintech?

Gojek aims to let users open bank accounts with Jago and then manage their finances through its app.