Question: What Do We Do In Monsoon Season?

What comes to your mind when you hear qualitative research?

Answer Expert Verified When I hear the words, qualitative research, the first thing that comes to my mind is exploratory research.

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word technology?

The word innovation comes to my mind on the word technology. We are now living in the advance era where countless breakthroughs have lead to the convenience of human living and the sole cause of that are technology. They provide or establish change, introducing new ideas and methods that makes life easy.

What are 6 seasons?

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) describes four different seasons and the Lunisolar Hindu calendar describes six different types of seasons in India throughout the year- Spring: Vasant Ritu, Summer: Grishma Ritu, Monsoon: Varsha Ritu, Autumn: Sharad Ritu, Pre-Winter: Hemant Ritu, Winter: Shishir Ritu.

What month has most rain?

MayThe number of days each month with rain, snow and hail in New York, United States of America. * Data from weather station: New York, United States of America. On average, May is the most rainy. On average, September has the least rainy days.

What do we do in monsoon?

So ditch your umbrella and plan some evenings through these seven must have experiences during the Mumbai monsoon:Walk down Bandra’s bandstand. … Go for a drive in Aarey Milk Colony. … Get up early and go to SGNP (Sanjay Gandhi National Park) to explore Kanheri caves. … Dare to take a walk along Marine Drive during monsoon?More items…•

How do you enjoy monsoons?

Don’t let the monsoon seasons make you feel cloudy, that’s their job.Go for a rainy drive in the woods.Head to a solo rain trek.Relish homemade hot chai and pakoras.Try your hand at rain photography.Cosy up by the window and watch a movie.Play wet football.Rain dance and paper boats!Capture the beauty on a canvas.More items…•

What should we eat in rainy season?

Healthy Diet Regime for Monsoon:Stay Hydrated. To stay immune to the infections that could spread around during the rainy season, consume a sufficient amount of water. … Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables. … Garlic & Turmeric: A Healthy Addition. … Low Sodium Diet. … Consume Light Food Items. … Dry Foods.

What do you see in rainy season?

Dense cloud : The apperance of the dense and dark cloud is also obvious before and during the rainy day. Thunderstorm : Due to the presence of dense clouds the thunderstorms are also observed in a rainy day. … Rainbow : After the rainfall, the rainbow is sometimes observed in the rainy day.

What are the effects of monsoon season?

While too little rainfall during the summer monsoon can cause dire conditions for farmers on land, too much rainfall and overly strong winds can make coastal waters unsafe, preventing fishermen throughout South Asia from heading to sea to catch the fish they depend on for income.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear monsoon?

When we hear rain, the first thing that comes to mind is chai pakora and the other one is amazing weather.

Which month is very cold?

The coldest average temperatures of the season are typically experienced in January or February in the Northern Hemisphere and in June, July or August in the Southern Hemisphere.

How do you enjoy a rainy day essay?

On rainy days, my friends and I prepare paper boats and make them float in the water. I love the smell of earth when it rains after a sunny day. Rain makes the weather so pleasant, refreshing and cool. I like getting wet in rains.

Why do I like monsoon season?

The first shower of rain is always special. It makes you shut your eyes and breathe in the ‘petrichor’ — the hypnotic fresh earthy scent. After months of searing summer heat, the monsoon is a welcome change. We love the cool weather, cloudy sky and the downpour.

What is rainy season called?

The wet season (sometimes called the rainy season) is the time of year when most of a region’s average annual rainfall occurs. Generally, the season lasts at least a month. The term ‘green season’ is also sometimes used as a euphemism by tourist authorities.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word philosophy?

Answer. Answer: Thoughts, possibilities, plans, theories constructed to explore obscurities. Philosophy is a way to connect the known in ways to better understand and (maybe) find a path to solutions.