Quick Answer: How Many Times Can You Take The CPCE Exam?

How many questions can you miss on the CPCE?

Of the 160 questions on this exam (20 in each of the eight content areas), 24 questions are developmental/experimental and not scored for you.

Your highest possible total correct is 136 questions.

One may also ask, how do I study for the CPCE exam?.

How much is the CPCE exam?

The examination cost per student is $75 for IBT testing and $150 for CBT testing. Schools are responsible for the costs of all examination administration. To learn more about the CPCE or for information about ordering the exam, visit www.cce-global.org, email us at cpce@cce-global.org or call +1 336.217.

How long is the CPCE exam?

The CPCE is a knowledge-based exam that consists of approximately 160 items with 20 items per CACREP area. Test takers will have four (4) hours to complete the test. The exam will cover 8 core curriculum areas of the CPCE which includes the following: Human Growth and Development.

What is the difference between the CPCE and NCE?

Differences between CPCE and NCE CPCE questions, developed by consultants to NBCC, cover a variety of issues and concepts and tend to be more detail oriented. On the other hand, the NCE exam questions are developed by panels of national experts with less focus on CACREP content material and textbooks.

How do I prepare for my CPCE?

NCE/CPCE Study TipsIn preparing to study for the exam, do a pretest, if possible, which covers the same content material which will be on the exam. … Study the different areas on the exam being fully aware that on the NCE some content areas have a lot more questions on the exam than other content areas.More items…

What should I study for the NCE?

These eight content areas are:Human Growth and Development.Social and Cultural Diversity.Counseling and Helpful Relationships.Group Counseling and Group Work.Career Counseling.Assessment and Teaching.Research and Program Evaluation.Professional Counseling Orientation and Ethical Practice.

What is on the NCE exam?

The five work behaviors tested on the NCE are: Fundamentals of Counseling, Assessment and Career Counseling, Group Counseling, Programmatic and Clinical Intervention, and Professional and Practice Issues. The exam itself consists of 200 multiple choice questions.

How do I pass the NCE?

There are many forms of the NCE and typically the cutoff for passing the exam is in the 90s (97, 91, 99, etc.) – out of 160 questions. One hundred questions correct out of 160 is 62.5%. Never has the cutoff for the NCE been higher than 65% correct out of 160 so it is a very passable exam, with your preparation.

What is a passing score on the CPCE exam?

There is no universal criteria for passing the exam as the minimum requirement is set independently by each university. In general, the minimum will likely be somewhere between 62% and 65% correct (so 85 to 89 out of 136).

Is the CPCE exam hard?

While studying may seem daunting, you can pass your NCE and CPCE exams without excessive stress. These are the best and most helpful study tips and habits I used to score in the 98th percentile on my NCE. … Many students become overwhelmed by the test and put off studying until the last minute.

How many times can I take the NCE?

The basic policy of NBCC is that the National Counselor Examination can be retaken up to two times with each application.

Is the NCE harder than the CPCE?

Both the NCE and CPCE are multiple choice tests (a) through (d). With the NCE it was pretty easy to eliminate two of the four choices leaving only two to really choose from. The CPCE was a bit more difficult.