Quick Answer: How Much Is Legendary Skin ML?

How many diamonds does it take to get a legendary skin?

12,000 diamondsHow many diamonds do you need to get a legendary skin.

While it may vary based on whether you are using the Magic Wheel discount or not, you will most likely use 12,000 diamonds without discount, and potentially less if you save/stock up on Magic Wheel potions..

How do you get legendary skin in ML?

If you are not lucky, then you must provide a diamond of about 12,000+ to get 1 magic crystal. Once you get 1 magic crystal, you can redeem it with 1 legend skin in magic shop. So to get Legend Legend legend skin, you have to provide a big capital to get the legend skin available.

What is the most expensive skin in mobile legends?

12 Most Expensive Heroes Skin Mobile Legends After All…Zilong/Yun Zhao – Dragon Knight (899 Diamonds) … Rafaela – Flower Fairy (899 Diamonds) … Saber – Regulator (899 Diamonds) … Johnson – Automata (899 Diamonds) … Bane – Count Dracula (1089 Diamonds) … Saber – Codename Storm ( Estimated 12.000 Diamonds) … Miya – Modena Butterfly (Estimated 16.000 Diamonds)More items…•

What is the rarest skin in mobile legends?

Here are the top five rarest skins and skin lines in MLBB:King of Supremacy Aldous. Credit: Moonton. … Lucky Box skins. Credit: Moonton. … Angelic Agent Lesley. Credit:Moonton. … King of Fighters skins. Credit: Moonton. … Layla Blue Specter. Credit: Moonton.

How do I get free KOF skin in ML?

Mobile Legends has launched its new event for the game with the collaboration of King of Fighters, the MLBB X KOF Card Flip Event. During this event, players will able to play a mini game that will allow them to flip a card. When players pairs a correct card, they’ll get a FREE skin from the game.

How many kills is legendary in mobile legends?

[Query] Legendary ~ 8 kills with no deaths.