Quick Answer: What Is Another Name For Frantically?

How do you describe a fast person?

Words used to describe fast movement – thesaurusfast.


able to move quickly.quick.


able to move fast or do something fast.swift.


moving quickly.speedy.


happening very quickly.nimble.


able to move quickly and easily.brisk.





adjective.More items….

What is the meaning of quickly?

When you do something quickly, you do it really fast — like when you quickly eat breakfast so you won’t be late to school. The adverb quickly can describe any action that’s done at great speed. If you see a wolf running quickly, that means it’s moving rapidly and you’d better hide quickly.

Are fast and quick synonyms?


What’s another word for desperately?


What is the best synonym for frantic?


What does frantically mean antonym?

ˈfræntɪk) Excessively agitated; distraught with fear or other violent emotion. Synonyms. agitated phrenetic frenetic frenzied. Antonyms. unagitated well unexcited unreactive unfree.

What is a another word for fast?

What is another word for fast?quickrapidswiftbreakneckfleethigh-speedspeedyblisteringexpeditiousexpeditive120 more rows

What is the meaning of overwrought?

1 : extremely excited : agitated. 2 : elaborated to excess : overdone.

What is the definition of frantically?

: in a frantic manner : in a nervously hurried, desperate, or panic-stricken way [Carlton] Fisk stood several feet down the line, frantically urging the ball fair with his hands.

What is the meaning of blustery?

Use the adjective blustery to describe weather that brings extremely strong gusts of wind. While this word is frequently used for weather — think blustery October days with leaves blowing and people clutching their hats — it can also describe people who act aggressively or confidently but don’t follow through. …