Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Meaning Of Promote?

What do you call someone who benefits from something?

1 : a person or thing that receives help or an advantage from something : one that benefits from something the main beneficiaries of these economic reforms..

How can I enrich my life?

So starting today choose whatever one of these 7 ways that you can enrich your life positively resonates most strongly.Love yourself more and you’ll enrich your life. … Deal with your thoughts in a positive way. … Develop a good attitude. … Be of good service to others. … Stop worrying and let go of fear.More items…•

What does it mean to enrich yourself?

: the act or process of increasing one’s intellectual or spiritual resources.

What is another word for enrich?

SYNONYMS FOR enrich 3 elevate, improve, enhance, endow.

What does it mean to enrich someone’s life?

Enriching your life means making your life as fulfilling, meaningful, and filled with joy as possible. … There’s no one trick to enriching your life, as there are many ways you can take to have new experiences. Here are some ideas others have, although they are just a starting-off point in a wide, amazing journey.

What is the opposite of promoting?

“It is hard to comprehend why they would demote you given the consistently fine work you produce.”…What is the opposite of promoting?demotingrelegatingterminatingunhiring14 more rows

What is the opposite meaning of enrich?

enrich. Antonyms: impoverish, reduce, rob, beggar, fleece, denude, disfigure. Synonyms: aggrandize, endow, store, augment, fertilize, decorate, enhance.

What is the root word of benefit?

The Latin bene- “good” is at the heart of the word benefit, which derives from the Latin benefactum “good deed.” When attendance at a party or an event raises money for a charity, the event is referred to as a benefit in that charity’s honor.

What is another word for understanding?

What is another word for understanding?comprehensiongraspintuitionknowledgemasteryperceptionperceptivenessperceptivitypercipienceproficiency138 more rows

What is the meaning of gratifying?

: giving pleasure or satisfaction : pleasing a gratifying result.

What is the opposite meaning of benefit?

benefit(noun) To receive a benefit (from). To be a beneficiary. Antonyms: detriment, obstacle, disadvantage, nuisance, hindrance, encumbrance, malefic.

What is the meaning of enrich?

: to make (someone) rich or richer. : to improve the quality of (something) : to make (something) better. : to improve the usefulness or quality of (something) by adding something to it.

What is another word for not benefit?

What is another word for of no benefit?worthlessvaluelessunpurposedapatheticspiritlesswastedof no availimpracticalno goodlousy238 more rows

How does culture enrich my life?

Culture changes people’s lives, makes them more open and strengthens mutual understanding. … It has a touristic prospective, great culture, warm people. Cultural advocacy can present the outer world, your values, the way you see yourself, your culture.