Quick Answer: When You Get A Chance Definition?

What does have a go mean?

1 : to make an attempt at (doing something) I asked him if I could have a go at writing the proposal.

2 British, informal : to attack or criticize (someone) The press is having a go at the Prime Minister..

What does chance of a lifetime mean?

phrase. If you describe something as the chance or experience of a lifetime, you are emphasizing that it is the best or most important chance or experience that you are ever likely to have. [emphasis] This could be not just the trip of a lifetime but the experience of a lifetime.

What does chance mean?

noun. the absence of any cause of events that can be predicted, understood, or controlled: often personified or treated as a positive agency: Chance governs all. luck or fortune: a game of chance. a possibility or probability of anything happening: a fifty-percent chance of success.

When you have a chance in a sentence?

Sentence examples for when you have a chance from inspiring English sources. Please call me when you have a chance. “When you have a chance to get one, you have to go get it”. When you have a chance to win a game, you want to close it out.

Do I get a chance?

It essentially implies that being able to do something is mostly out of your control. Asking “Have you got a chance to look into this?” would imply that “looking into this” is something that one is unlikely to do with out a lot of luck.

How do you use chance?

Chance sentence examplesYou had your chance to solve it on your own. … He hung up before I had a chance to end the call. … What a chance those girls have missed! … All I want is a chance to speak my piece. … Well, we finally have the chance to be alone. … You may not have another chance to ask me what you want to know.More items…

Did you get or got my message?

“Did you receive my message” is correct. This is simple past tense. … “Have you received my message yesterday” is not correct. “You got my message” is not a question.

When I get a chance Meaning?

It means when you get an opportunity to do something. Example: Did you get a chance to finish your essay yesterday? Example: When you get a chance can you get some milk from the shop?

Did you get or got?

“Get” is the present tense form of the verb and “got” is the past tense form, but the tenses are often used interchangeably. In informal speech, people often question each other with “Do you get it?” or just “Get it?” to check for comprehension. “I get it” or “I got it” are both logical answers.

When you get a moment meaning?

As soon as you have a bit of free time. There’s something I want to discuss with you when you get a minute. …

What does take a look mean?

1. take a look – look at with attention; “Have a look at this!”; “Get a load of this pretty woman!” get a load, have a look. look – perceive with attention; direct one’s gaze towards; “She looked over the expanse of land”; “Look at your child!”; “Look–a deer in the backyard!”

How do you describe chance?

Here are some adjectives for chance: merest lucky, sheer, honest, slight, desperate, impartial and incorruptible, exactly fifty-fifty, obviously sheer, supposedly equal, fair and universal, infinitely slender, dead and last, just fortuitous, fifty-fifty, hideous, infernal, remote but not impossible, breathless, …

What can’t stand for?

Thoroughly dislike; be unable to put up with something or someone. For example, I can’t stand the sight of her; she’s obnoxious, or I can’t bear to leave the country, or I can’t stomach a filthy kitchen.

Why take a chance Meaning?

: to do something that could have either good or bad results She’s trying to find a publisher who will take a chance on her book. It might not work, but it’s a chance we’ll have to take.

When you get a chance can you please?

When you ask people to do something, this phrase lets them know that they don’t have to do it immediately. They can do it at a time that’s convenient for them.

Do I know you by any chance Meaning?

You can use by any chance when you are asking questions in order to find out whether something that you think might be true is actually true. Are they by any chance related?

Did you have or had?

“Had” is not the appropriate tense to use in this case: you must use “have”. The grammatically correct form of your sentence would be “Did you already have the opportunity to do something?”

Do not take chances meaning?

Definition of take no chances : to not do something that is risky or dangerous She was taking no chances by refusing to go skydiving. They did not take any chances and called the fire department when they smelled gas. He said he couldn’t afford to take any chances.