What Is A High Spirited Person?

What does it mean to be a spirited person?

Someone who’s spirited is lively or enthusiastic.

It can be challenging to babysit a bunch of spirited four-year-olds, but it’s also entertaining.

You can also call a spirited person energetic, animated, or spunky..

What is another word for high spirited?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for high-spirited, like: vivacious, valiant, daring, dauntless, reckless, brave, effervescent, exuberant, fiery, gallant and jolly.

What is a spirited woman?

That is what a free-spirited woman is – the slow-burning fire in the hearth, passionate and undaunted. She is the soul of an eagle trapped in a woman’s body. She is the red umbrella among thousands of black ones, standing out in all her sparkling glory, a walking charm of positivity.

What makes a high profile case?

High-profile cases are among the most difficult for both victims/survivors and for service providers. These are the cases that attract a lot of media attention, often because of the unique or bizarre nature of the crime, the victim(s) or the offender(s).

What is a low profile person?

A low-profile individual is someone who has been covered in reliable sources without seeking such attention, often as part of their connection with a single event. Persons who actively seek out media attention are not low-profile, regardless of whether or not they are notable.

What does Turnup mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to appear or come to light unexpectedly or after being lost new evidence has turned up. 2a(1) : to turn out to be he turned up missing at roll call.

What does nervy mean?

1 archaic : sinewy, strong. 2a : showing or expressive of calm courage : bold.

What is the meaning of high profile person?

A high-profile person or event is known about by a lot of people and receives a lot of attention from television, newspapers, etc.: a high-profile campaign/case.

What does free spirited woman mean?

The phrase “free spirit” often conjures ideas of hippies and new-agey stereotypes. But a free spirit is something else entirely. … A true free spirit is someone who connects deeply with the world and is pulled in the direction of their heart, a force that never leads them astray. I like to be a free spirit.

What is a high profile activity?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] A high-profile person or a high-profile event attracts a lot of attention or publicity. … the high-profile reception being given to the president. Synonyms: famous, prominent, eminent, celebrated More Synonyms of high profile.

What does zestful mean?

adjective. full of zest. characterized by keen relish, hearty enjoyment, etc.