What Is An Example Of Reproach?

Is reproach a sin?

In Proverbs 14:34, we read, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” …

The verse does not say that our past righteousness will exalt us today or tomorrow, nor does it say that our current sin will one day in the distant future be a reproach..

What does art is a reproach to those who receive it mean?

What does the line ” Art is a reproach to those receives it” mean? … The meaning of that phrase is that Art remains something like a burden or damnation to everyone who possesses it.

What does quickened mean?

1 : to make or become faster : hasten They quickened their steps. 2 : to make or become stronger or more active Curiosity quickened my interest. quicken. intransitive verb.

What is a sentence for reproach?

His choice of play and execution was beyond reproach. So they need to be completely above reproach. His personal life was beyond reproach. He should have been beyond reproach.

How do you reproach someone?

Reproach means to mildly criticize. If you show poor manners at your grandmother’s dinner table, she will reproach you. The verb reproach means to express disapproval or criticism of; as a noun it means blame or criticism. If you are beyond reproach that means no one could find anything to criticize about you.

What is the reproach of Egypt?

Once the people were circumcised God said to Joshua “today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt off you so the place was called Gilgal which means to roll away.” The reproach of Egypt had to do with their past and was marked with three things: a history of slavery, oppression and their disobedience.

What is the meaning of Irreprehensible?

: not reprehensible : free from blame or reproach conduct in all respects irreprehensible.

What part of speech is reproach?

reproachpart of speech:transitive verbpart of speech:noundefinition 1:disapproving criticism; blame. synonyms: blame, censure, disapproval, rebukedefinition 2:a source or cause of shame or disgrace. synonyms: blot, disgrace similar words: dishonor, opprobrium, scandal9 more rows

What is a reproach?

1 : an expression of rebuke or disapproval. 2 : the act or action of reproaching or disapproving was beyond reproach. 3a : a cause or occasion of blame, discredit, or disgrace. b : discredit, disgrace. 4 obsolete : one subjected to censure or scorn.

What is another word for reproach?

Some common synonyms of reproach are admonish, chide, rebuke, reprimand, and reprove.

What does it mean to be beyond reproach?

Blameless, faultless, as in Jean’s conduct at school is beyond reproach. The phrase employs the verb to reproach in the sense of “censure or rebuke,” a usage dating from the early 1500s.

Does reproach mean blame?

noun. blame or censure conveyed in disapproval: a term of reproach. an expression of upbraiding, censure, or reproof. disgrace, discredit, or blame incurred: to bring reproach on one’s family.

What does it mean without reproach?

1 to impute blame to (a person) for an action or fault; rebuke. 2 Archaic to bring disgrace or shame upon. n. 3 the act of reproaching. 4 rebuke or censure; reproof.

What does the science is always above reproach mean?

Scientists say that CSI’s main fault is that “The science is always above reproach”. What does this mean? That unlike in real life where it is common, the cases on tv shows rarely involve samples that have been degraded, or the lab work is faulty, or the test results don’t solve the crime.

How do you express reproach in English?

reproach in American Englishto accuse of and blame for a fault so as to make feel ashamed; rebuke; reprove.Rare. … shame, disgrace, discredit, or blame, or a source, cause, or occasion of this.a blaming or reproving; rebuke.an expression of blame or reproof.Obsolete.

What is the best definition of the word reproach as it is used in the passage?

What is the best definition of the word reproach as it is used in the passage? disapproval. Read the passages. Then, write two to three sentences explaining how the meaning and connotation of the word lexicographer differs in each passage.

What is the opposite of beyond reproach?

Opposite of blameless or faultless. amiss. bad. censurable. defective.

What does mesmerizing mean?

: to hold the attention of (someone) entirely : to interest or amaze (someone) so much that nothing else is seen or noticed. See the full definition for mesmerize in the English Language Learners Dictionary. mesmerize. verb.