What Is Apple Stock Dividend?

What months does Apple pay dividends?

Quick LinksDeclaredRecordPayableJanuary 28, 2020February 10, 2020February 13, 2020October 30, 2019November 11, 2019November 14, 2019July 30, 2019August 12, 2019August 15, 2019Apr 30, 2019May 13, 2019May 16, 201970 more rows.

Is Apple a good dividend stock?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is a great stock to own, but the one area where it may be a bit underwhelming is its dividend. With a yield of just 1%, investors have plenty of other stocks they can choose to invest in that pay much more.

Does Apple pay 2020 dividend?

The next Apple Inc dividend is expected to go ex in 18 days and to be paid in 24 days….Dividend Summary.SummaryPrevious dividendNext dividendPay date12 Nov 2020 (Thu)11 Feb 2021 (Thu)5 more rows

Which stock pays highest dividend?

The Full List Of IBD High Dividend Stocks You Can Count OnSymbolCompanyIndicated Yield %(BHP)B H P Group3.6%(MDC)M D C Holdings3.1%(AGM)Federal Agricultural Mortgage4.4%(HPQ)H P3.2%2 more rows•Dec 18, 2020

Do dividends get paid monthly?

Most dividends are paid out on a quarterly basis, but some are paid out monthly, annually, or even once in the form of a special dividend. While dividend stocks are known for the regularity of their dividend payments, in difficult economic times even those dividends may be cut in order to preserve cash.

What is Apple’s dividend per share?

This statistic presents the dividend per share of Apple Inc from 2013 to 2019. In 2019, the dividend paid by Apple to its shareholders amounted to 3.04 U.S. dollars per share.